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ActionAid Pakistan closes after 28 years supporting marginalised communities

In compliance with a directive issued by the Government of Pakistan dated 2 October 2018, ActionAid has wound up its country-wide operations effective 30 November 2018.


Ibrahim Ibraigheth

Ibrahim Ibraigheth is the country director for ActionAid in Palestine


Harjeet Singh

Harjeet Singh supports countries across the world on policy advocacy related to climate change

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Our civic space is shrinking. Here's how we've responded — and you can, too

Over the last several months, ActionAid Uganda has endured attacks by external forces aimed at halting operations and undermining work in communities across the country.

COP24: Governments fail to agree on measures to prevent catastrophic climate change

UN climate negotiations in Poland have lacked the ambition and cooperation needed to agree crucial measures to avert catastrophic climate change.

Team Trump must not be allowed to derail progress towards preventing climate catastrophe

ActionAid responds as the U.S adminstration hosts a side event at the UN climate summit in Katowice, Poland, to promote the use of 'clean' coal and natural gas.


Everjoice Win

Everjoice is ActionAid's Programmes and Global Engagement Director


Sonya Ruparel

Sonya is the deputy humanitarian director for ActionAid's Global Secretariat.

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ActionAid demands climate justice at Bangkok negotiations

As ActionAid’s global policy lead on climate change, I’m heading up our efforts in negotiations at the conference. We’re bringing five demands to the table that will pave the way for progress on


Natasha Mulder

Natasha is a content coordinator based in London.