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Restoring vital mangrove forests in Cambodia

ActionAid Cambodia and partners are working with eight community fisheries and the provincial fisheries administration to restore Kampot’s mangrove forests and marine resources. This is a result of

Stuck in limbo: The Rohingya Refugee Crisis, three years on

Heavy monsoon rains are pounding the Rohingya refugee camps at Cox’s Bazar, flooding the crowded settlement and destroying makeshift homes. It is yet another hardship testing the resilience of

Has gender equality been put into lockdown?

Covid-19 has altered the lives of women and men worldwide. In lockdown, we became teachers, nurses, cooks and caregivers, all at the same time. This has not only affected parents and adults, but young

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Covid-19 lockdown and school closures force girls into early marriage

Manisha’s story is one of 256 cases of early marriages reported in the state of Odisha during lockdown.

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Costs of climate inaction: displacement and distress migration

More than 62 million South Asian people will be forced to migrate from their homes due to climate disasters by 2050, according to new research from ActionAid International and Climate Action Network

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Nepal Covid crisis: ‘Our gravest fears are turning into reality’

As Nepal reports an alarming rise in Covid-19 cases and its highest daily total of new infections, ActionAid is calling for urgent support for the country’s overwhelmed health service.  

ActionAid condemns the escalating violence in oPt and calls for an immediate end to forced evictions

ActionAid Palestine is deeply concerned over escalating violence and the violation of Palestinian rights across the Occupied Palestinian Territory (oPt).


Building resilient communities

This brief report looks at how ActionAid helped communities affected by Cyclone Nargis (May 2008) to build their resilience to future crises, by engaging in Disaster Risk Reduction activities. 


Milking the Poor - How EU subsidies hurt dairy producers in Bangladesh

For decades, European dairy farmers have been given massive subsidies under the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) of the European Union (EU). This has enabled them to export cheap milk powder, among


Milking the poor - How EU subsidies hurt dairy producers in Bangladesh

Massive subsidies in the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy are putting local farmers in poor countries out of business, reveals a new report by ActionAid. Milking the poor shows how subsidised EU milk