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Why Decolonising the Financing of Education is Key to Solving the Education Crisis

This week over 10 million people will mobilise to call for the decolonisation of education financing.


Drought in East Africa: How communities in Somaliland are adapting

East Africa is currently facing the worst drought for decades and yet there remains little to no attention to the severity of the situation. With the number of emergencies rapidly growing in the face

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ActionAid Joins Hundreds of Organisations Declaring That ‘Our Future Is Public’

In December 2022 an unprecedented gathering of movements working for public services and resisting privatisation took place in Santiago, Chile, titled Our Future Is Public. On 26th January 2023 the


Anti-racism in education: promoting racial equity and building a global anti-racist movement

The Transformative and Anti-racist Educational System project (SETA) secured US$10 million from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation to enable transformative long-term changes to Brazil’s systems and

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COP27 must deliver for communities, women and girls on the frontlines of the climate crisis

We are halfway through the COP27 climate negotiations, with a huge amount left to be agreed and achieved.

Today, week two kicks-off with Gender Day, shining a much-needed spotlight on the plight

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Humanitarian action: Women responding, but outside the system 

ActionAid attended Women, Peace and Security Week (WPS) in New York from October 17-21st with partners and women’s rights organisations for their work supporting women’s resilience and leadership in

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Plans for debt restructuring in Zambia are an urgent first step

Devastating droughts and floods have already pushed many ordinary Zambians deeper into poverty, and will cripple our economy unless the rich nations who caused global warming provide the funds to


Systems change to food security

Food is essential to life. Food not only provides the basic sustenance for physical survival and nutrition for healthy human existence; food is also a key element of people’s culture and rights!

European heatwaves - a glimpse into the Global South's reality

"Europeans suffering in this week’s heat are getting a brief glimpse of the current reality for those on the front lines of the climate crisis. In much of the Global South, far more intense and longer


Transforming the Financing of Education

Faced with an education timebomb, Presidents and Prime Ministers will gather in New York for an unprecedented Transforming Education Summit in September. Never before have Heads of State been convened