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Climate survivors must be heard in global demands for climate action  

Our world is heating faster than ever before, with this summer on track to become the hottest ever. But this isn’t a heatwave, it’s a climate emergency. 

Time for a complete U-turn on natural resource management

Across the globe, we are witnessing unprecedented and often violent scrambles for natural resources. Environmental activists and land rights defenders are increasingly under attack. Few of these


As Cyclone Fani hits India, we owe it to the poorest to be ready

I’m writing this from Odisha, on India’s east coast, as we are hit a cyclone for the umpteenth time. Just 24 hours in to Cyclone Fani, one vital lesson is clear. In the era of frequent climate

Taxing for equality

We see time and again that adequate public services, funded by progressive taxation, are central to levelling out inequality. That means, plain and simple, those with more means contributing

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Why I joined the legal action against Shell

Dutch climate activist, Jessica Effah talks about why she became one of the 17,000 co-plaintiffs taking legal action against Shell.

Villagers in Zambia win right to take legal action against mining giant Vedanta in the UK

After more than a decade fighting for compensation, villagers in Chingola have won the right to pursue justice against the mining conglomerate Vedanta in the English courts, after a landmark ruling by

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100 years fighting for decent working conditions and labour equality

We stand in solidarity with women workers around the world who are still struggling to survive on poverty wages and face shocking levels of discrimination, violence and harassment.

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Why ActionAid promotes women’s leadership in emergencies

ActionAid has been promoting women’s leadership in emergencies for many years now. Yet this question never fails to come up: why women?

How to achieve quality education for all and Leave No One Behind

We aim to show how progressive domestic resource mobilisation - collecting enough tax money and spending it right - is a sustainable way to finance free, quality public education for all, leaving no

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ActionAid demands climate justice at Bangkok negotiations

As ActionAid’s global policy lead on climate change, I’m heading up our efforts in negotiations at the conference. We’re bringing five demands to the table that will pave the way for progress on