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Transforming the Financing of Education

Faced with an education timebomb, Presidents and Prime Ministers will gather in New York for an unprecedented Transforming Education Summit in September. Never before have Heads of State been convened

On World Refugee Day: Why the world needs to stop being racist to refugees

Following the war in Ukraine, there are now a staggering 100 million forcibly displaced people around the world. That means 100 million people who have had to flee; leave jobs, livelihoods and family

Gender Based Violence in Ukraine: The Tip Of The Iceberg

Gender-Based Violence, including sexual violence is a widespread instrument of war, even if it remains invisible. In the case of Ukraine, the UN has already registered 124 complaints of sexual


Why it’s the responsibility of the African Union Finance Ministers to address hunger on the continent with just and sustainable economic recovery

According to the World Food Programme (WFP) and Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) 18 of the 23 hunger hotspots needing urgent humanitarian action are in Africa. In East Africa alone, 20 million

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Will the UN Food Systems Summit really solve hunger and climate change?

The UNFSS has been revealed to be a huge waste of time and resources. The summit is diverting the attention of policymakers and the public away from what is urgently needed to transform the global

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The world must not look away as the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan deepens

Afghanistan a humanitarian crisis is quickly unfolding on the streets of cities and urban centres where hundreds of thousands of people have fled seeking safety. The situation is changing rapidly and

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Funding for global education must move away from neo-colonial aid

With the new chair of GPE taking up his role in September there has never been a better opportunity to move away from the dominance of the neo-colonial aid narrative and ensure genuinely


Multilateral systems are under attack - they must be protected to safeguard our rights

Urgent systemic and structural transformation is needed to address multiple global and intersecting crises through international cooperation, solidarity and a multilateral system that safeguards

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Fourteen years of blockade has left two million Gazans living in an ‘open air prison’

This month marks 14 years since the start of the blockade which came into force on 14 June 2007 and the UN’s prediction is a reality for many Palestinians in Gaza, who are living with soaring levels

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Young Palestinians use music and social media to raise awareness of forced evictions in East Jerusalem

Young Palestinians living in East Jerusalem are harnessing the power of social media and music to tell the world about their fears of forced eviction and what life is like living under Israeli