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Over 18 million girls missing school in Africa as continent loses USD29 billion in education funding through flawed taxation

A staggering 18,8m girls are out of primary school in Africa according to a new report by the Tax and Education (TaxEd) Alliance and its allies.


Taxing windfall profits of fossil fuels and financial companies can boost climate finance

As millionaires and billionaires fly into Davos this week to discuss the state of the world, efforts to mitigate and adapt to climate change are desperately underfunded. Long-term solutions to ensure


European Finance Flows fuelling the climate crisis: The role of Article 2.1c under the UNFCCC

As the EU calls on COP28 climate negotiations to make progress on stopping climate-harming finance flows, its own financial industry continues to fund fossil fuels and other carbon intensive sectors


Key recommendations from the Feminists for a Binding Treaty

The Feminists for a Binding Treaty (F4BT) will join discussions at Geneva this week on a Binding Treaty to regulate corporate impacts on human rights. In order to account for the gendered and


Fifty Years of Failure: The IMF, Debt and Austerity in Africa

ActionAid’s report ‘Fifty Years of Failure: the IMF, Debt and Austerity in Africa’ is based on new research and powerful personal testimonies from across 10 African countries. It is timed to coincide


Breaking out of the Bubble to Transform Education Financing

A year ago the Transforming Education Summit (TES) was the highest level education meeting in history, convening Heads of States on an unprecedented scale to talk about the education crisis.


People before Profit: How Ghana can step up its commitments to ensure businesses are held accountable for human rights violations

The operations of businesses can have a profound impact on human rights, including those of employees but also consumers, and communities where they operate. Whilst some of these impacts may be


How the Finance Flows: The banks fuelling the climate crisis

This report looks at the role played by major international banks in financing fossil fuels and industrial agriculture in the Global South. It also examines the current role of public financing in


ActionAid Feminist research webinars

Join us for a series of empowering webinars hosted by ActionAid UK and ActionAid International, as part of the ActionAid Feminist Research initiative. These engaging sessions will be led by ActionAid