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2022 Federation Annual Report

We are delighted to present to you our 2022 Federation Annual Report that highlights part of our collective work triumphs, missed opportunities and lessons for the future.


The Human Costs of the Food Crisis: How Price Spikes are Wreaking Havoc Across the Globe

ActionAid’s new research finds that as the world faces an unprecedented cost of living crisis, local communities in the Global South are dealing with the consequences of severe price rises in food


Whose Bargain is this for?

The Grand Bargain was launched during the World Humanitarian Summit in 2016, as a unique agreement between humanitarian agencies and donors to reform and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of


Transforming Education Financing Toolkit

Transforming education toolkit


People before Profit: why urgent action is needed to hold businesses accountable for respecting human rights

As the role and size of the private sector in Ethiopia continues to grow, human rights abuses resulting from business activities are on the increase, including in the garment and textile industry. The

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The Vicious Cycle

The countries that are most vulnerable to the climate crisis are also facing a debt crisis – and the need to service external debt in foreign currency has become a major accelerator of the climate


Standing up for our Rights: Feminist Insights from the Ukraine Response

The response to Russia’s military assault to Ukraine is yet another example of how the international system fails to acknowledge and promote the incredible work of civil society organisations like


Ensuring a gender-responsive and effective Corporate Due Diligence Legislation in 10 steps

Pollution, land grabbing, the exploitation of workers, violence against human rights defenders… all have different and disproportionate effects on women. ActionAid’s extensive work with communities


The Long Shadow of the Climate Crisis

In 2022 climate disasters have taken on a new scale and horror. Four seasons without rainfall have left a “biblical” drought and unprecedented hunger across Eastern Africa. Devastating floods in

Pathway to a Feminist Corporate Accountability Framework

Women around the world continue to experience business-related human rights abuses and violations differently and disproportionately: from significant barriers to access justice and discrimination in