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Assessment Toolkit: Assessing gender-sensitive implementation and country-level monitoring of the Tenure Governance and Africa Land Policy Guidelines

Secure tenure over land, fisheries and forests is central to global efforts to end poverty and hunger in local communities (and in particular among indigenous peoples and women), and to ensure

"Climate Smart Agriculture" causes confusion

Climate Smart Agriculture is gaining attention in government, NGO, academic, corporate, research and international policy spaces. But there is growing confusion and debate over what the term 'Climate
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Women as “underutilized assets”

This briefing focuses on the IMF’s advice aimed at increasing female labour force participation and calls on the organisation to consider this participation in the context of all the work women are

Agroecology, Empowerment and Resilience

West Africa is highly vulnerable to the impact of climate change. This mid-term review of the Agroecology and Resilience project provides key lessons for projects seeking to build resilience to

Agroecology and Resilience Project Brochure (ActionAid Senegal)


Agroecology and Resilience Project Stories of Change (ActionAid Senegal)


Removing Barriers to Justice

Access to justice for victims of business-related human rights violations is a widespread and growing problem around the world. Complaints of human rights abuses committed by multi-national businesses
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The effects of privatisation on girls’ access to free, quality public education

Governments have a duty to ensure the right to free, public education of good quality for all. However, in many countries, the low quality of public education is driving parents to pay for private

Gender-Responsive Public Services and Young Urban Women’s Economic Empowerment: A report on research in Ghana and South Africa

In 2016 we worked with the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) based at the University of Sussex in the UK to conduct a research in Ghana and South Africa to examine the relationship between young

Toolkit to address the interlinkages: Economic Security, Bodily Integrity and Unpaid Care Work for Young Urban Women

In order to simplify the understanding of the inter-linkages between economic security, bodily integrity and unpaid care, the Young Urban Women project has now developed a toolkit which has built on