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Southern Africa on the Brink of Famine?

The spread of COVID-19 throughout Southern Africa will worsen the region’s already dire conditions of food insecurity and malnutrition. The effects of climate change - persistent drought, flooding and


An EU mandatory due diligence legislation to promote businesses’ respect for human rights and the environment

All around the world, businesses are responsible for human rights abuses and environmental harm, as underscored by the recent COVID-19 crisis. Businesses must not be allowed to close their eyes to the


Enhancing Electoral Accountability and Participation in Electoral Processes

We believe that every person has the right to participate in decision making that affects them, at every level, and we will step up efforts aimed at enhancing democracy through participation of


ActionAid International 2019 Annual Report

This edition of the ActionAid International Annual Report provides an overview of our federation's work during 2019.

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Joint agency report: Humanitarian Funding, Partnerships and Coordination in the COVID-19 crisis

This paper, produced by ActionAid and other NGOs, summarises our findings and recommendations on direct and indirect funding via international intermediary organisations (including UN agencies and

Action for Global Justice in Practice

This resource book Action for Global Justice in Practice 2020 articulates ActionAid’s human rights based approach (HRBA). It is a fully revised and updated version of People’s Action in Practice which


International development and the next EU budget

This ActionAid paper examines the need for the next EU budget to take into account the needs of international development. Published in July 2020.

Covid-19: A women-led response

ActionAid research shows how lockdowns and coronavirus restrictions have unleashed a shocking surge in gender-based violence globally.

But while violence is rising, women’s shelters are being shut

Believe in Better working paper

This is an independent working paper developed in partnership between ActionAid and the Office of the UN Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth, supported by the Major Group for Children and Youth, and

Right to Food, Farmers’ Rights & COVID-19

This ActionAid International policy document has been developed to help identify the impacts of the COVID–19 pandemic and responses by governments and intergovernmental agencies on different food