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No Place To Go

This policy brief summarises the impact of the ASEAN's economic model on gender inequality, land rights, and the environment, and offers recommendations for ASEAN to eradicate poverty and inequality

Whose City?

Some successful and innovative ways that women’s rights, social justice and civil society organisations influence and work with governments to improve women’s urban safety.


The European External Investment Plan: True or False?

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NGO recommendations for the EU Sustainable Finance Action Plan

The European financial framework should be reformed in order to align EU financial policies and legislation with environmental, social and governance factors (ESG), notably from international


Assessing implementation of the Voluntary Tenure Guidelines and the AU Framework and Guidelines for Land Policy: A toolkit approach

Access to and control over land and natural resources is crucial to people’s livelihoods and to ensuring secure livelihoods, their rights to food, water, work, housing and a healthy environment


Assessment Toolkit: Assessing gender-sensitive implementation and country-level monitoring of the Tenure Governance and Africa Land Policy Guidelines

Secure tenure over land, fisheries and forests is central to global efforts to end poverty and hunger in local communities (and in particular among indigenous peoples and women), and to ensure

"Climate Smart Agriculture" causes confusion

Climate Smart Agriculture is gaining attention in government, NGO, academic, corporate, research and international policy spaces. But there is growing confusion and debate over what the term 'Climate

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Women as “underutilized assets”

This briefing focuses on the IMF’s advice aimed at increasing female labour force participation and calls on the organisation to consider this participation in the context of all the work women are

Agroecology, Empowerment and Resilience

West Africa is highly vulnerable to the impact of climate change. This mid-term review of the Agroecology and Resilience project provides key lessons for projects seeking to build resilience to


Agroecology and Resilience Project Brochure (ActionAid Senegal)