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The impact of Covid-19 on young women

In August 2020, ActionAid interviewed 1219 young women as part of the survey, with the majority (80%) aged between 18 and 30. This new research from ActionAid reveals the social and economic impacts

Extractive Sector Taxation

This progressive tax policy briefing explores how countries can optimize revenues from mining, oil and gas resources, and curb potential revenue loss from extractive industries.

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NOT ZERO: How ‘net zero’ targets disguise climate inaction

This joint briefing highlights concerns that many governments and corporations are jumping on the bandwagon and declaring "net zero" climate targets.

Covid-19 Food Crisis: Monitoring research

ActionAid’s Covid-19 Food Crisis Monitoring research explores how measures to control the pandemic are affecting the lives of women smallholder farmers across 14 countries in Asia and Africa.

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The Pandemic and the Public Sector

The IMF has a long history of imposing economic austerity programs on heavily indebted developing countries. Building on our April 2020 report on changes required in how the IMF and governments employ

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The bedrock of inclusion

This report, a collaboration between ActionAid, Education International and Light for the World, highlights obstacles to teacher financing and their ability to deliver disability-inclusive education.

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It’s time to address the impact of EU food systems on the Global South

This joint-analysis by 14 sustainable development, environmental and animal welfare organisations, including ActionAid, addresses the global dimension of the EU's Farm to Fork Strategy.


Southern Africa on the Brink of Famine?

The spread of COVID-19 throughout Southern Africa will worsen the region’s already dire conditions of food insecurity and malnutrition. The effects of climate change - persistent drought, flooding and


An EU mandatory due diligence legislation to promote businesses’ respect for human rights and the environment

All around the world, businesses are responsible for human rights abuses and environmental harm, as underscored by the recent COVID-19 crisis. Businesses must not be allowed to close their eyes to the


Enhancing Electoral Accountability and Participation in Electoral Processes

We believe that every person has the right to participate in decision making that affects them, at every level, and we will step up efforts aimed at enhancing democracy through participation of