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A woman resident of Gaza City searches the rubble for belongings in the aftermath of bombing by the Israeli army.

Compelled to Flee: Cycles of Israeli forced displacement of Palestinians


The policy brief sheds light on a new wave of forced displacement of nearly two million Palestinians in the Gaza Strip after Israel’s all-out military campaign and total siege on Gaza in response to the 7 October Palestinian armed groups led attacks. The brief demonstrates how the orchestrated destruction of Gaza’s civilian infrastructure, including essential services and facilities vital for sustaining life, together with Israel’s deliberate imposition of severe restrictions on the delivery of humanitarian aid, has rendered famine-like living conditions in Gaza untenable. It also highlights the unprecedented wave of violence and displacement in the broader Palestinian context, raising grave concerns that serious violations of International Humanitarian Law (IHL) are being committed on a vast scale. The brief sets out the relevant background of contemporary forced displacement in the oPt.