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Conservation or land grabbing? The case of Mbulia Group Ranch

Sometimes, conservation can be used as a cover for landgrabbing. This story, of the Mbulia Group Ranch in Kenya, is an example of how this can happen.


A cross-country analysis of baseline research from Kenya, Ghana and Mozambique

This report presents findings from baseline studies carried out in three districts in Kenya, Ghana and Mozambique for Stop Violence Against Girls in School, a five year project (2008­2013) led by

Tax, privatisation and the right to education

This report brings together participatory research carried out in Ghana, Kenya, Uganda and Pakistan as part of the Tax, Privatisation and Right to Education multi country project.

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Stop Violence Against Girls in School

A lack of knowledge about violence against girls has hindered efforts to stop it. ActionAid’s 2013 Stop Violence Against Girls in School report is one of the first comprehensive studies to provide


Fuelling Evictions - Community Cost of EU Biofuels Boom

Over 20,000 people living in the Dakatcha Woodland, in Kenya’s coast region, are at risk of losing their homes and land for a biofuels plantation, producing fuel for the EU market. This report shows


Sustainability Criteria Review for Jatropha Biofuels from Dakatcha Woodland in Kenya

The European Union’s Renewable Energy Directive contains a set of criteria designed to encourage the promotion of biofuels from sustainable sources.To count towards renewable energy targets in the EU


SUCAM: Critical Story of Change

The sugar industry is crucial to the regional economy of Western Kenya. The livelihoods of many poor out-growers depend upon it. This is the story of how SUCAM, a ‘campaign of ideas’ became a hugely


Evaluation of ActionAid's response to 2011 drought and food crisis in Kenya

In 2011 a drought and food crisis in the Horn of Africa affected an estimated 13 million people.  In parts of Kenya, the disaster was considered to be the worst to afflict the country in over 60 years


ActionAid/infoasaid learning review of the pilot communications project in Isiolo

As part of a wider partnership aimed at supporting integration and mainstreaming of communications with disaster affected communities in ActionAid’s emergency preparedness and response programming


Women and the City 2

It is now well recognized that women and girls around the world face violence, sexual harassment and abuse in many of the spaces that they inhabit – their homes, workplaces, educational institutes, on