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'I have hopes that we will have our land back'

More than 2,400 people are locked in a legal battle with a salt mining company. The Garithe community in Kenya’s Marereni Salt Belt are fighting for their right to continue living and working on

'They came like a thief, demolished and destroyed the place'

Villagers from Garithe In Kenya's Marereni Salt Belt are fighting for their right to continue living and working on nearly 800 acres of land they have farmed for generations. Dickson Kenga, a palm

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Our response to the Covid-19 pandemic

Our local teams have already reached  25 million people across 40 countries, but this crisis is far from over.

‘I live in fear everyday of losing everything’

More than 2,400 villagers from the Garithe community in Kenya’s Marereni Salt Belt, are fighting for their right to continue living on 800 acres of their ancestral land which they have lived and

"Shell is threatening all our rights" - Oil giant’s human rights record on trial

ActionAid is one of seven environmental and human rights organisations, led by Friends of the Earth Netherlands, taking legal action against Shell to demand it reduces its emissions in line with

How Shell is devastating the Niger Delta

As Shell faces climate charges in Dutch court, activists in the Niger Delta speak out about the fossil fuel giant’s devastating impact on their communities.

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World Food Day 2020

Before the pandemic, 27 million people were experiencing in “emergency” levels of food insecurity, one step away from famine (FAO 2020). The Covid-19 crisis could have a catastrophic impact of their

Has gender equality been put into lockdown?

Covid-19 has altered the lives of women and men worldwide. In lockdown, we became teachers, nurses, cooks and caregivers, all at the same time. This has not only affected parents and adults, but young

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Covid-19 lockdown and school closures force girls into early marriage

Manisha’s story is one of 256 cases of early marriages reported in the state of Odisha during lockdown.

190 organisations join our call for increased funding for education post-Covid

On 28th July 2020 ActionAid convened a ground-breaking webinar on the domestic financing of education beyond the Covid-19 pandemic. You can view the full recoding of the webinar and read the call to