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“Climate change is real, and it has brought many challenges.”

In East Africa, historic drought has pushed communities in Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia and Somaliland to the brink of survival. Around 37 million people face severe hunger as the fifth rainy season fails

Why ActionAid is working to tackle modern slavery     

Attention must be dedicated to upholding human rights in the world of work.  

The Ukraine crisis and the key role of youth

At the beginning of 2022, there were approximately 10.2 million young people, aged between 14-35, in Ukraine. Russia’s second invasion of Ukraine, which began on 24 February, has forced over 4 million

East Africa Food Crisis: Ceel-Giniseed

The impacts of the current drought can be deeply felt throughout Ceel-Giniseed. Since most residents are primarily farmers, they rely on selling their crops, such as onions, papaya, peppers, and

East Africa Food Crisis: Xidhinta

In Xidhinta, it is clear that drought has become the biggest issue the community is facing. Alongside more than 20 million people across Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia, residents here are navigating

East Africa Food Crisis: Ceel-Hume

In July 2018, ActionAid established a community farm in partnership with the Ceel-Hume women’s group, the World Food Program, and local government. The community envisioned this project after the


Bound by Blood: The reconciliation of women caught up in the genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda

Twenty-eight years on from the genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda, two women on opposite sides of the conflict have spoken about reconciling their differences, thanks to support from ActionAid.

East Africa Food Crisis: Giro-Sumo IDP Camp

The Horn of Africa is facing one of the worst droughts on record with more than 20 million people in Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia facing severe hunger and water shortages. Global food prices had

East Africa Food Crisis: Ceel-Dheere

Ceel-Dheere, a rural pastoralist community located around 45km (2-hours’ drive) northeast of Burao, Somaliland, has been deeply impacted by one of the worst droughts on record in the Horn of Africa

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In Moldova, those living in poverty offer shelter to those fleeing war

In the first 24 hours after the Russian invasion, more than 28,000 refugees fled Ukraine to seek refuge in Moldova. Despite being the poorest country in Europe, Moldovans have been opening their homes