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How privatisation is undermining progress towards inclusive, equitable and quality education by 2030

This ActionAid opinion piece looks at how privatisation is undermining progress towards inclusive, equitable and quality education by 2030 across Africa.

On World Refugee Day: Why the world needs to stop being racist to refugees

Following the war in Ukraine, there are now a staggering 100 million forcibly displaced people around the world. That means 100 million people who have had to flee; leave jobs, livelihoods and family

Respecting, protecting, fulfilling the right to food in times of Covid-19

This post by Ruchi Tripathi, head of resilient livelihoods and climate justice, ActionAid International, looks at the systemic failures of the international economic system in relation to food

Young people might be more resilient to the virus, but not to its impacts

This blog examines the challenges that young people face around the world, from Covid-19 to homelessness and lack of employment

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Young people face a very uncertain future after the pandemic

At the start of the pandemic, the International Labour Organisation (ILO) predicted a global loss of 305 million full-time jobs by July 2020. Now this number is over 400 million. The crisis is worse

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World Teachers Day: Funding the right to quality, inclusive education

With schools across the world gradually re-opening after protracted closures due to Covid-19, the critical role of teachers in ensuring that all children are able to enjoy their fundamental right to

Human rights: universal, inalienable and indivisible

This blog is by Dr. Maria Ron Balsera, the Research and Advocacy Coordinator for ActionAid International. She works on Tax Privatisation and the Right to Education: influencing education financing

Trade deal negotiations must be paused during the Covid-19 crisis

ActionAid and hundreds of other organisations have called for trade deal talks to be suspended during the Covid-19 crisis. This post explores why.

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How the IMF’s Comprehensive Surveillance Review sidelines gender equality

The International Monetary Fund’s recently published Comprehensive Surveillance Review (CSR) fails to address the impact of its policy prescriptions on gender equality and women’s rights, the ability