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Reliance on imports and industrial farming deepening food crisis across Southern Africa

The Covid-19 crisis is exposing how Southern Africa’s overreliance on high-cost imported seeds and fertilisers, and a lack of state investment in climate resilient farming are deepening food


Southern Africa on the Brink of Famine?

The spread of COVID-19 throughout Southern Africa will worsen the region’s already dire conditions of food insecurity and malnutrition. The effects of climate change - persistent drought, flooding and


Time to Clean Up: How Barclays promotes the use of tax havens in Africa

Barclays bank is now reported to be the largest retail bank in Africa and is the largest UK bank operating on the continent. This puts it in a position of responsibility with regard to the way it

Calls for greater action from the South African government following rise in violence against women and xenophobic attacks

ActionAid country directors from across Africa have issued a joint statement in solidarity with those protesting against xenophobic attacks in South Africa


Charter of Demands: Actualizing women's land rights in Africa

The Kilimanjaro Initiative is a rural women’s mobilisation from across Africa towards an iconic moment at the foot of Mt Kilimanjaro in October 2016. The Kilimanjaro Initiative was conceived when, we


Policy Brief: Incorporation of Women’s Economic Empowerment and Unpaid Care Work into regional polices: Africa

Time to start caring – how ignoring Unpaid Care Work is holding back economic empowerment of Africa’s rural women Agriculture accounts on average for one third of Africa’s GDP and women make up as

Statement in response to xenophobic attacks against migrants in South Africa

“A country that does not know its history cannot learn from its mistakes. The South African government’s continued failure to protect migrants from xenophobic attacks shows at best, a lack of


ActionAid Media Briefing - Illicit Financial Flows and Tax Avoidance in Africa

Illicit financial flows deprive Africa of billions of dollars each year, more than is received in overseas development aid or foreign direct investment combined.  Up to two-thirds of these illicit


Young women: life choices and livelihoods in poor urban South Africa

ActionAid South Africa undertook a scoping study to better understand the experiences of young women living in poor areas of Johannesburg and Cape Town.The findings from the study then inform a new


Assessing the Alliance for Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA)

ActionAid recognizes the vital role of agricultural development, particularly in Africa where themajority of livelihoods are derived from farming and related activities. Understanding the role