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Refugees in Europe: Not a single human life should be at risk

ActionAid Greece has called for an immediate halt to violence related to the refugee crisis at the Greece-Turkey border. You can read their statement here.

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ActionAid signs open letter on the right to asylum

This open letter, signed by more than 121 organisations, calls on various international bodies to reaffirm the rights or refugees and asylum seekers.

Young people might be more resilient to the virus, but not to its impacts

This blog examines the challenges that young people face around the world, from Covid-19 to homelessness and lack of employment

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Why ActionAid promotes women’s leadership in emergencies

ActionAid has been promoting women’s leadership in emergencies for many years now. Yet this question never fails to come up: why women?

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A day of catastrophe for the Palestinian people

I am writing while deeply troubled about recent developments in Palestine, while dozens of peaceful protesters and civilians are attacked and killed in Gaza; while US President Donald Trump, instead

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Fourteen years of blockade has left two million Gazans living in an ‘open air prison’

This month marks 14 years since the start of the blockade which came into force on 14 June 2007 and the UN’s prediction is a reality for many Palestinians in Gaza, who are living with soaring levels

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The world must not look away as the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan deepens

Afghanistan a humanitarian crisis is quickly unfolding on the streets of cities and urban centres where hundreds of thousands of people have fled seeking safety. The situation is changing rapidly and