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Principles for a Just Transition in Agriculture

To address the food system’s significant contribution and vulnerability to climate change, agriculture must move away from intensive and industrialised approaches towards food systems based on

Handbook for loss and damage assessment

This ActionAid publication is a guide to conducting an assessment for the loss and damage caused by climate change.

Climate migrants pushed to the brink

This policy brief delves into some of these aspects and presents the initial findings of research on climate change-induced migration internally in three countries in South Asia — Afghanistan

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NOT ZERO: How ‘net zero’ targets disguise climate inaction

This joint briefing highlights concerns that many governments and corporations are jumping on the bandwagon and declaring "net zero" climate targets.

The summons of the climate case against Shell, summarised

A short summary of the evidence and argumentation used and of Milieudefensie et al.’s demands, that Shell must contribute to achieving the global climate goal to keep global warming below 1.5 degrees

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Market solutions to help climate victims fail human rights test

Rising global temperatures are wreaking havoc around the world, leaving a trail of destruction from Kyoto to Kerala. But those least responsible for greenhouse gas emissions are also those most

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Principles for Just Transitions in Extractives and Agriculture: Shaping energy and food systems that work for women, communities and the climate

Efforts to address the climate emergency and limit global warming require fundamental and rapid change in our energy and food systems.

Public policies that advance or hinder rural women’s and young people’s livelihoods and climate justice for all

ActionAid seeks a major paradigm shift to tackle the global climate emergency and gender equality crisis. The discussion paper highlights the key policies that hinder and enable rural women and young

ActionAid contribution to the external dimension of the European Green Deal

This page outlines ActionAid's contribution to the external dimension of the European Green Deal as set out on Monday 25 November, 2019.

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Avoiding the Climate Poverty Spiral: Social protection to avoid climate-induced loss & damage

In a world facing the escalating impacts of global warming, social protection has a crucial role to play in protecting women, communities and economies from the catastrophic impact of the climate