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Cobwebbed - International Food Price Crisis and National Food Prices

The paper provides an overview of what caused high and volatile prices in international food commodity markets, the major causes of national food price increases, the winners and losers within


Strategies for success - Access to Justice for Women

In early 2009, ActionAid and Women for Women International Nigeria embarked on a two-year, multi-country initiative entitled “Access to Justice for Women”. Funded by the UK’s Department for


ILOPS report on parental participation

The ILOPS research explores the different ways in which parents participate in school, including their interaction with teachers and within communities. Research teams also examined how parents

Tax, privatisation and the right to education

This report brings together participatory research carried out in Ghana, Kenya, Uganda and Pakistan as part of the Tax, Privatisation and Right to Education multi country project.


Recognise, Redistribute, Reduce the Women's Unpaid Care Burden

Unpaid care work refers to the work done in the home and in communities from preparing food, collecting firewood and water to taking care of children, the ill and the elderly. Women and girls living


Action for Children's Rights in Education (ACRE) - Success Stories

The purpose of this document is to demonstrate some of the ways the ACRE project teams in each of the six participating countries successfully managed to operationalize the Promoting Rights in Schools