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Real Aid: An agenda for making aid work

The problems underlying the gulf between official and real aid are not new.Donors have signed up to numerous international agreements to improve the quality of their aid. Yet this agenda has made


People-centred governance - Reducing disaster for poor and excluded people

This briefing paper, produced ahead of the World Conference on Disaster Reduction, held in Japan in January 2005, outlines eight key strategies of people-centred governance and links these to the


ActionAid International Strategy 2005-2010

'The Rights to End Poverty' was the name of our previous five year strategy. Our current strategy for the perio 2012 - 2017 is entitled 'People's Action To End Poverty'


ActionAid’s HIV/AIDS in the Workplace Policy

ActionAid International recognizes that its employees are its most important resource. ActionAid International recognizes the distress and trauma that HIV/AIDS presents to employees and their families


ActionAid’s Anti Sexual Harassment Policy

ActionAid has articulated through Fighting Poverty Together and its Gender Policy a strong stand on gender justice and through this policy seeks to create a work environment free from intimidation and


The rights-based approach to emergencies - a beginner's guide

This briefing gives an overview of a rights-based approach to emergencies - what it means and how it works.  The briefing is framed around two key concepts central to ActionAid's work:  a) that