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G7 Summit: Global South needs more than empty rhetoric on climate finance

As G7 leaders today reaffirmed their previous commitment of $100 billion a year in climate finance, ActionAid is calling on the world's richest countries to make specific pledges of grants, not loans

G7: Climate finance must be about justice and reparations

As world leaders meet for the G7 Summit, ActionAid is calling on the world’s richest nations to meet their promise to deliver $100 billion a year* in climate finance through grants to help vulnerable


Leading Astronauts make a call to Earth ahead of the G7 summit - urging international cooperation for the sake of people and planet

Leading Astronauts from the USA, Japan and South Korea have joined forces in a new short film targeting G7 leaders, who meet this weekend in Cornwall, UK.

Their new film, titled “Call to Earth: G7”


G7: Pledges to education fund welcome, but must be matched with action on debt, tax and austerity

As the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson pledges £430 million to improve education in the world’s poorest countries, ActionAid International welcomes new funding for the Global Partnership for Education

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G7 support for pharma monopolies is putting millions of lives at risk

head of the G7 Leaders’ Summit, the People’s Vaccine Alliance warned that G7 promises to vaccinate the world by 2022 will be impossible to fulfil, if governments continue blocking proposals to waive

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G7: New digital tax rules ‘woefully inadequate’ to fund Covid-19 recovery

As G7 finance ministers meet to discuss proposals for new digital tax rules, ActionAid raises concerns that the plans could trigger a race to the bottom on corporate tax rates.  

UN climate negotiations must ensure COP26 does not widen loopholes on carbon markets

As governments meet for online UN climate negotiations ahead of COP26, ActionAid raises concerns that carbon markets could be used by polluters to continue ‘business as usual’ and fail to deliver the

Victory against Shell: Judge forces polluter to cut its CO2 emissions

n a historic win for people and the planet, a judge in the Netherlands has ruled that the fossil fuel giant Shell must cut its CO2 emissions net 45% by 2030.

Shell climate case: Dutch judge has historic opportunity to ensure the fossil fuel giant cuts its emissions

ActionAid is one of seven environmental and human rights organisations, led by Friends of the Earth Netherlands, taking legal action against Shell to demand it reduces its emissions in line with


ActionAid responds to the eruption of the Nyiragongo volcano in the Virunga Mountains, Democratic Republic of Congo.

Cecile Kasoki, Programme Manager for ActionAid International DRC responds to the eruption of the Nyiragongo volcano in the Virunga Mountains, Democratic Republic of Congo.