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We can also facilitate press trips; provide comment pieces and a range of multimedia, including broadcast quality footage from countries we work in, high resolution images and audio.

For media enquiries contact the ActionAid office in your country.

For international media, or if ActionAid does not operate in your country, contact:

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ActionAid reacts to Bonn Climate Negotiations

As UN climate negotiations in Bonn wrap up, Teresa Anderson, global lead on climate justice for ActionAid International says: 

ActionAid prepares to support thousands in flood-ravaged parts of India

Heavy rains have caused severe flooding in north-eastern India, leading to mudslides and flash floods, destroying tens of thousands of hectares of crops, and devastating communities. ActionAid

ActionAid concerned about mass displacement of Palestinians in Masafer Yatta

Palestine - On the 74th anniversary of Nakba (Catastrophe), which marks the mass dispossession and displacement of 750,000 Palestinians from their lands in 1948, ActionAid warns that displacement of

New research: Local food and fuel prices more than triple in some of the world’s most at risk communities

The cost of food, fuel and fertiliser in some of the world’s poorest communities is soaring, with families spending double, triple and in some cases nearly four times what they were paying before


Launch of factsheets with sustainable solutions to finance education

Launch of three factsheets with sustainable solutions to finance education


IMF’s persistent push for austerity reckless in face of Ukraine conflict and looming food crisis

ActionAid urges governments to resist advice to tighten public spending as Spring meetings expose huge gulf between IMF’s progressive rhetoric globally and actions on the ground in the countries


Ukraine Crisis: How we're working with partners

ActionAid is working with local partners to support people fleeing Ukraine.

ActionAid responds to the latest IPCC report

ActionAid responds to the latest instalment of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s landmark scientific report on the climate crisis.

ActionAid: Do not abandon Afghans

As government ministers and donors meet virtually for the United Nations (UN) OCHA Afghanistan Conference 2022, a high-level pledging event for the emergency response in Afghanistan, ActionAid is

East Africa Food Crisis: “Now the world is ending”

Severe drought, chronic water shortages and now rising food and energy prices due to the war on Ukraine, are pushing families to the brink of survival 
Read more about the impact of the East Africa