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ActionAid responds to the loss of life in Kenya protests: "Every life lost is a wound on the nation’s soul”

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“It is outrageous that protesters, mainly young people standing up against an unfair bill that was drafted without adequate public participation, have been clamped down with such heavy-handedness, resulting in fatalities. The loss of lives is a profound tragedy and a wound on the nation's soul. Law enforcement agencies must exercise restraint in their efforts to maintain law and order; now is not the time to add gasoline to an already enflamed situation through a disproportionate show of force,” said Susan Otieno, Executive Director of ActionAid Kenya

“The ball is in the government’s court to open channels of constructive dialogue with the protesters and the citizens’ collective to find amicable solutions to the challenges we are facing and build a stronger, more just Kenya for all," added Susan.

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