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Mavis and Berita at the millet and sorghum crops, short season variety as part of the Crisis Modifier programme

It’s time to address the impact of EU food systems on the Global South

International and European organisations call for review of the EU’s Farm to Fork strategy


This joint-analysis by 14 sustainable development, environmental and animal welfare organisations, including ActionAid, addresses the global dimension of the EU's Farm to Fork Strategy.

The EU Farm to Fork Strategy is the framework for the transition of European food systems towards a more sustainable model. But as the joint analysis sets out, the sections of the strategy that address global issues need further scrutiny.

The European food and agriculture system has significant impacts on people in the Global South. Topics such as the Common Agriculture Policy and the trade policy’s adverse effects on small-scale farmers and natural resources such as forests must be addressed.

The EU must also support farmers and communities to uphold their rights and promote their role in achieving climate and biodiversity goals.