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US agriculture announcements at COP27 are ‘patronising and harmful’, says ActionAid

Reacting to the AIM4Climate and Fertiliser Challenge announcements made by the United States on Agriculture Day at COP27, ActionAid International’s Global Lead on Climate Justice, Teresa Anderson said:

“The US ‘Fertiliser Challenge’ announcement takes farming in completely the wrong direction, protecting the interests of big farming and agriculture corporations at the expense of farmers and our climate.

“Meanwhile, you’d get the impression from the AIM4Climate initiative that the real heroes feeding the world are tech bros in suits and lab coats generously scattering their brilliance onto the needy farmers of the world. It’s patronising, and it’s harmful.

“The science is clear that to cool the planet and adapt to climate impacts, farming systems need to shift away from industrial agribusiness and towards techniques that work with nature. With the war in Ukraine causing global prices for chemical fertilisers to go through the roof, this is the time to move away from dependency on fossil fuelled-fertilisers.”

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