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Inside the EU Council, roundtable with chairs and a multicoloured carpet

Revealed: How your favourite EU party scored on critical issues 


As millions of voters prepare for the European Union (EU) parliamentary elections in June, ActionAid has launched a scorecard, spotlighting the critical issues voters need to interrogate based on the leading parties’ manifestos. 

In its scorecard, ActionAid has analysed the manifestos of six EU parties participating in the June election: The Left, The Greens, Socialists & Democrats (S&D), Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE), European People’s Party (EPP), and European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR). 

The manifestos have been scored against five issues that will be on the ballot - women’s rights, climate justice, global inequalities, migration, and the Gaza crisis. While The Greens scored well on issues such as global inequalities, climate justice and women's rights, the EPP scored poorly on the same. The briefing also showed that all the parties lacked a comprehensive action plan to address the root causes of the Gaza crisis. 

How the EU votes is not only crucial for its citizens but also a determinant of key issues in the global sphere.  

Javier Garcia, ActionAid’s Head of Country Engagement and Transformation, said: 

“Global inequalities and conflicts are growing, and the geopolitical interests of a few prevail over the majority. Sadly, the EU’s attempts at addressing global inequalities are like patching a leaky dam with band-aids. The current challenges facing the world demand decisive action from European countries. The vote in June will determine whether the EU can take its place as a global leader.” 

On climate justice, the scorecard interrogates the parties' plans for financing a just transition from fossil fuels and industrial agriculture. Despite the EU being the second largest contributor to global pollution, the research shows that the majority of the political parties’ plans are nowhere close to achieving the objectives of the Paris Agreement.  

Hamdi Benslama, ActionAid’s EU Advocacy Advisor, said: 

“The EU has resorted to empty rhetoric on climate action, failing to lead where it should have. Its climate goals are undermined by the continued funding of fossil fuel projects in the Global South. These investments lock developing countries into a cycle of climate change-induced disasters that jeopardise their ability to adapt to a climate crisis they bear little responsibility for. 

This deep contradiction is under scrutiny in the upcoming election, and the contesting parties must interrogate their policies and align to the Paris Agreement.” 

In its assessment of the war on Gaza, ActionAid scores four of the contesting parties, namely EPP, S&D, ALDE and ECR, poorly. They fail to address critical issues such as calling for an immediate ceasefire, putting an end to war crimes, respect for the basic rights of Palestinians, and addressing the root causes of the war. 

“While the EU insists on sustaining double standards, unimaginable suffering continues for civilians in Gaza especially women and children. It is time for the EU to step up and use its global leverage to end the brutality in Gaza. Voters must ask themselves whether their preferred parties are prioritising a ceasefire and committing to ensuring that Palestinians have access to humanitarian aid and are guaranteed of their rights. The voters’ choice could be the difference between life and death for Palestinians in Gaza - especially women and children who have endured unceasing suffering these past eight months,” said Cristina Munoz, Director of ActionAid Alianza – Spain. 

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