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Umma is one of the 1,196 children who received radios from ActionAid through the Tax and Gender Responsive Public Services project across Lagos and Sokoto, to facilitate continued learning after school closures due to Covid-19.

The ActionAid Tax Justice Reflection Action Toolkit


Our tax justice reflection action toolkit (TJ-RATK) is made to help empower communities to stand up for their rights.

What's inside the toolkit?

The tools explore the following key ideas:

  • Taxes help to pay for public services;
  • Most of us are tax payers;
  • Wealthier people should pay more tax, those on low incomes should pay less;
  • Foreign companies are not currently obliged to pay their fair amount of tax.

These tools are tailored for community groups and local facilitators. Most of the tools cover issues that relate to the role of the governments in tax justice, while a few tools relate to the role of companies.

Section One looks at local tax issues while Section Two looks at the impact of international and national tax on local public services. Section Three expands on national and international tax issues. Section Four helps assess the impact of tax justice actions. Also take a look at our work linking Tax and Education and our broader work promoting Tax Justice.

The toolkit is currently available in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish. Please feel free to share, copy, distribute, adapt, and build upon the tools.