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Good Practices for ActionAid Governance: The Governance Manual


Approved by the AAI Board in December 2014

This governance manual aims to guide all AAI’s stakeholders on AAI’s governance and also to stimulate discussion, debate and consensus on AAl’s appropriate governance practices. It is a point of reference and is neither final nor complete.

The manual draws on other ActionAid International documents including the Constitution and Membership Regulations. As a legal document, the Constitution has priority over this manual in the event of disagreement. Annexure 9 presents an outline of the Constitution for reference.

It is hoped that parts of this manual will be helpful to new Associates drafting their own manuals. Governance is a means to an end. In the case of AAI, the end is the eradication of poverty and injustice. Ultimately that mission is what matters and documents such as this are simply aids to achieve AAI’s mission.