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Smallholder-led Sustainable Agriculture: An ActionAid International Briefing


Smallholder sustainable agriculture is the most efficient and socially just way to increase productivity, resilience to climate change, household incomes, job creation, regeneration of land and other natural resources, and improvements in household food security.

  • The G20 should ensure donors deliver on their commitments to the L’Aquila Food Security Initiative (AFSI) and the Global Agriculture & Food Security Program (GAFSP). A major portion of these funds should target smallholder-led climateresilient sustainable agriculture.
  • The G20 should prioritize investment in sustainable agriculture, ensuring public research, extension and credit facilities, particularly for women farmers. The research, including that of the CGIAR system, should support and build on initiatives by farming communities and civil society.
  • The G20 should support national governments and regional bodies to overhaul and expand extension systems to reach more smallholders and support their climateresilient sustainable agriculture initiatives.