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On the brink: Who's best prepared for a climate and hunger crisis?


As the global population hits 7 billion this month, ActionAid has today warned that a triple crisis of climate change, desolated natural resources and rocketing food prices, could dwarf the world’s ability to feed them all.

Based on new research in 28 poor countries, ActionAid’s report 7 Billion on the Brink reveals which poor nations are most prepared for this triple crisis and which are burying their head in the sand. The 10 countries ranked most vulnerable – DRC, Burundi, South Africa, Haiti, Bangladesh, Zambia, India, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia and Rwanda - account for a quarter of the world’s population.  Countries most ready to face the triple crisis include Brazil, Malawi, Rwanda, Ethiopia and Tanzania. 

ActionAid warns that the world is coming to the end of an era of cheap food; that large scale agriculture has depleted the natural resources that sustained it; and that food prices - driven by rich nations’ insatiable demand for biofuels and food commodities - will continue to rise, unless urgent action is taken.