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Gaza's acute hunger crisis is extremely alarming, says ActionAid

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ActionAid said: “We remain extremely alarmed about the acute hunger crisis in Gaza as the amount of aid entering the territory and reaching those in need continues to be wholly inadequate. Our partners in Gaza paint a harrowing picture of the current situation, with pregnant women losing their babies because they are so malnourished and desperate mothers struggling to find anything to feed their starving children.  
“Today a group of UN experts issued a stark warning that famine is spreading across Gaza, citing the recent deaths of three more children from malnutrition. In total 34 Palestinians have died from malnutrition according to Gaza’s health authorities, most of them children.  

"This is a stain on humanity’s conscience and an entirely preventable, human-made crisis. The world cannot sit back and watch any more children die from lack of food: more life-saving aid must be allowed into Gaza immediately. We call on all states to use every diplomatic lever available to them to bring about a permanent ceasefire, now.” 

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