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“Enough is enough, the world cannot continue to watch as the war on Gaza continues to put millions of lives at risk,” say civil society activists at the UN CSO Conference


Hundreds of global activists are mobilising in solidarity with Palestine at the United Nations Civil Society Conference in Nairobi, Kenya, demanding an immediate and permanent ceasefire that guarantees the protection of women and civilians.

Their demands come against the background of the international community’s failure to stop the bombing and inability to ensure the respect of international law especially the protection of civilians.  

In the face of injustice for millions of people in Palestine, we cannot stand on the sidelines. The international community has failed the people of Gaza for the past seven months. World leaders are complicit in the brutality of the Israeli forces in the Occupied Palestinian Territory. Enough is enough, we demand action for an immediate cessation of the bombings and starvation of Palestinians in Gaza,said David Archer, Head of Programmes, ActionAid

The UN Civil Society Conference offers civil society organizations an opportunity to make inputs to the UN Summit of the Future in September 2024 and civil society activists are clear that they can't stay silent when the futures of people in Rafah and Gaza are being systematically destroyed.

Refat Sabbah, Palestinian President of the Global Campaign for Education said,

“The situation in Gaza is testing our humanity. It is testing our ability as a global movement of civil society to stop genocide. Our voice is crucial at this moment and each voice will make a difference, so please, raise your voice to help stop genocide. Indeed, our humanity across the world is at risk - and so we urgently need to work together to restore our humanity. We cannot achieve a peaceful future together without peace in Palestine.”