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ActionAid's response to the UN Security Council vote

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Responding to the UN Security Council vote on Monday, ActionAid said: 
“We are relieved to see the UN Security Council finally take a stand for humanity and use its voice to collectively call for a desperately-needed ceasefire in Gaza. Right now, 2.2 million people in Gaza are languishing without enough food, water or medical supplies, while facing near relentless bombardment. The urgency of the situation cannot be overstated: every single day that passes without a ceasefire sees more children die from malnutrition and famine creep closer. 

“The resolution called for an immediate ceasefire for the month of Ramadan, and while this would offer some relief to Gaza’s besieged population, two weeks of calm before the bombs start falling again will not allow enough time for vital aid supplies to reach all who need it. Only a permanent ceasefire will ensure humanitarian aid can enter Gaza on anything like the enormous scale required and avert further starvation and disease.  

“By passing this resolution today, the council members acknowledge that the horror in Gaza must come to an end, but words are not enough – they must be followed up with urgent action. All steps must now be taken to ensure a permanent ceasefire is implemented in Gaza immediately, to finally put an end to the killing and allow life-saving aid to be distributed at scale.”