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ActionAid's reaction to flooding in Maputo

Women walk through flooded fields in Buzi, Mozambique

Responding after heavy rains caused flooding in Maputo, ActionAid International Climate Justice Lead, Teresa Anderson said:

“The latest disastrous flooding in Mozambique comes just a few weeks after Tropical Storm Filipo, a year after the devastation of Cyclone Freddy, and Cyclone Gombe the year before that - all while still picking up the pieces from the destruction wreaked by Cyclones Kenneth and Idai in 2019.”

“It is so deeply unjust that climate change impacts are hammering Mozambique over and over again. One of the poorest countries in the world is carrying the costs of the climate crisis it has done little to cause and is being pushed deeper into debt and spiralling poverty. Wealthy polluting countries need to own up to their responsibility for the damage they are doing through climate change and be willing to provide climate finance so that vulnerable communities can cope with the climate disasters that are being unleashed.”

“Climate finance is not just about providing financial aid. It is the linchpin of climate justice and climate action.”

"Gaspar Sitefane, the Executive Director of ActionAid Mozambique, said:

“When climate-related disasters strike, frontline communities are further impoverished by the destruction of livelihoods and infrastructure. Without the resources to rebuild their lives, they are pushed to the brink. The world needs to recognise the urgent need for the operationalisation of the Loss and Damage Fund to help frontline communities cope better with the climate crisis.”

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