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ActionAid Condemns Israeli Ground Offensive on Rafah: Urgent Appeal for International Intervention to Protect Civilian Lives and Uphold Humanitarian Law

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“The impending ground offensive on Rafah by Israel is a flagrant violation of international law and a despicable act of aggression. Rafah, already one of the world's largest refugee camps, serves as the last semblance of safety for Gazans with nowhere else to turn. Conditions are already dire; people are starving, and there’s hardly any shelter or medicine left to treat the injured.

The forcible transfer of civilians that Prime Minister Netanyahu is advocating for is a clear war crime, perpetuated by a relentless assault on innocent lives. Despite Gazans diligently following evacuation orders, this continued onslaught leaves them nowhere left to seek refuge. This latest reported impending attack will only exacerbate the already dire conditions in Rafah, inflicting unimaginable suffering on the million-plus displaced people seeking shelter there. The Israeli government's actions are indefensible and demand immediate condemnation from the international community." 

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