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ActionAid comments on the decision to make the Philippines host of the Loss and Damage Board

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The second meeting of the Loss & Damage Fund Board started in Songdo, Korea today. ActionAid's Brandon Wu, who has been following the Loss & Damage Fund since before its creation and was an elected civil society observer on the Green Climate Fund Board, is attending the current Board meeting and is available for comment. 

Commenting on the selection of the Philippines as the host country of the Board, Wu said:  

"This is a largely symbolic decision that is nonetheless significant by highlighting a deeply vulnerable country that is all too familiar with the need for funds to recover from climate impacts." 

Outlining expectations for the week ahead, Wu added:   

"This week's meeting will hopefully agree on the Board's workplan for 2024 and kick off discussions on key issues around observer participation, communities' direct access to funding, and the types of financial instruments. However, most major decisions on those topics will likely come later this year." 

Contact the ActionAid press office to organise interviews with Brandon on or +263776665065.