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$2.1 billion pledges for Sudan crisis a step in the right direction but immediate ceasefire still urgent, says ActionAid 

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The international community took a significant step towards alleviating the crisis in Sudan, pledging $2.1 billion in humanitarian aid announced at the Paris Summit held on 15 April. This funding which comes on the first anniversary of the conflict will provide much-needed relief to an estimated 24 million people facing hunger, displacement, lack of access to healthcare and necessities. 

“We welcome the pledges as a critical step towards addressing the dire humanitarian crisis in Sudan. However, the road to recovery remains long. Continued international efforts are urgently needed to secure a lasting ceasefire and ensure that the $2.7 billion needed is secured to avert famine,” said Sara Almer, Humanitarian Director at ActionAid International. 

The ongoing conflict in Sudan has displaced millions and disrupted agricultural production, pushing the country to the brink of famine. According to the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), the last main cereal production was less than half (46 percent below), the harvests of the previous year due to the impact of the conflict. The pledged aid will provide life-saving food assistance, clean water, and medical care to those most in need. However, a sustained ceasefire is crucial to ensure safe and unimpeded access for humanitarian workers and to allow communities to rebuild their lives. 

"The pledges are a positive step towards addressing the humanitarian situation in Sudan, I hope that mechanisms will be put in place to ensure unhindered access to aid by those in desperate need. Our priority must now be a ceasefire to facilitate delivery of aid and put an end to violence and abuses, especially against women and girls,” said Salwa Elsadik, the Director of Women Advocacy and Development Initiative, a local Sudanese organisation.  

With continued international support local and national initiatives protecting and assisting communities, particularly those led by women and young people, Sudan can overcome this crisis and build a brighter future for its people,” added Sara Almer. 

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