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Seven hospitals running out of lifesaving fuel as “shameful” level of aid reaches Gaza

Gaza City. Injured arrive at Al Shifa hospital.

Seven hospitals running out of lifesaving fuel as “shameful” level of aid reaches Gaza 

As 20 aid trucks crossed the Rafah border this morning, seven hospitals across Gaza are at breaking point as incubators and life support machines have run out of fuel entirely. 

Riham Jafari, Advocacy and Communications Coordinator at ActionAid Palestine said:

“We welcome any form of aid right now, but the level of aid being delivered into Gaza is a shameful insult to the millions of Gazans facing a humanitarian catastrophe. Before this crisis began, around 500 aid trucks would normally cross the border every day providing a vital lifeline to millions of Gazans who were already facing a humanitarian crisis.”

She added: “Aid trucks also did not bring with them the fuel needed to power hospitals, keep ambulances moving, or pump water from the ground. We're hearing stories every day of communities coming together to donate whatever fuel they have remaining to keep incubators going for newborns who are in a critical condition.” 

Bakeries which are a vital lifeline for millions of Gazans, are also running out of the fuel needed to make bread. 

This morning’s news comes as Al-Quds Hospital, one of the biggest in Gaza has been issued with evacuation orders from the Israeli government. The Palestinian Red Crescent has said that the hospital, as with dozens of others across Gaza, is serving 400 patients and sheltering around 12,000 people displaced by the violence 

“Given the loss of life and destruction of Al-Ahli hospital the other night, it’s unconscionable that over 20 hospitals across Gaza are facing evacuation orders – a complete violation of International Humanitarian Law.”  

“The failure to deliver aid is costing lives by the minute and by the hour.  With 2.2 million Gazans facing a humanitarian crisis we're urgently calling for a ceasefire and for the opening of humanitarian corridors. And while the focus has been on the Rafah border crossing, we are imploring the Israeli authorities to allow aid to flow through the Kerem Shalom checkpoint and other crossings from Israel.  Only then can aid flow freely into Gaza and keep hospitals running." 




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