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Tropical Storm Nalgae hits the Philippines

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Tropical storm Nalgae has hit the Philippines over the weekend, causing loss of life, livelihoods, and homes. The climate crisis has increased both the intensity and frequency of storms.  

Amar Nayak, Global Humanitarian Advisor at ActionAid, said: 

“Overnight people living in the south of the Philippines have lost family members, homes, schools and their livelihoods to Tropical Storm Nalgae.

Climate change has made the intensity and frequency of torrential rains like this more and more common. For the Philippines, Nalgae is its 16th cyclone to form in the country this season and its destruction leaves the communities living there vulnerable to further damage caused by extreme weather.

As concern grows for the true number of people killed and affected by this Tropical Storm. ActionAid is working with its partner Women in Emergency Network, supporting rural women to provide emergency relief needed to families most affected by the deadly storm.”