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Shell appeal shows oil giant puts profits before people and planet

In the Niger Delta, Shell's activities are devastating their communities with oil spills, gas flaring, polluted water and human rights abuses.

Shell’s decision to appeal against the ruling of a Dutch court that it must cut its emissions in line with global climate goals, shows the fossil fuel giant ‘prioritising its bottom line over people and planet’.

Nils Mollema, climate justice policy advisor at ActionAid Netherlands, says:

“Shell’s decision to appeal rather than act to cut emissions, shows they are prioritising their bottom line over the wellbeing of the planet and its people.

“The fossil fuel giant’s current net zero climate plans are incompatible with achieving global climate goals. Their strategy is to keep polluting while offsetting their emissions with vast tree plantations, which risk driving land grabs in the Global South.

“The judge saw through Shell’s greenwashing. If there was any truth to Shell’s claims to be taking climate action, they would comply with the court’s ruling and stop trying to evade responsibility.”


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