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COP26 outcome 'an insult to those whose lives are being torn apart by the climate crisis'

COP26 sign

ActionAid responds to the final COP26 outcome:

Teresa Anderson, Climate Policy Coordinator at ActionAid International: 

“This outcome is an insult to the millions of people whose lives are being torn apart by the climate crisis.

“There were huge expectations that COP26 would finally deliver real support for the communities, farmers, women and girls who need to recover and rebuild in the aftermath of climate disasters. Countries representing the vast majority of humanity pleaded for a new funding mechanism for loss and damage. 

“But the wealthy countries most responsible for our warming world - particularly the US - have blocked their ears and hung those most impacted out to dry.”

“Frontline countries will not let this issue rest. At COP in Egypt next year, we need an outcome that shows communities hit hardest by the climate crisis that the whole world is in this together.”


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