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People’s Power vs. Rising Inequality: Women stand together for change

As global inequalities rise, women continue to lose out - we know that eight men own as much as the poorest half of the world. ActionAid research introduces us to some of the women who make up this

Double jeopardy

Every day, women around the world are making an invaluable contribution to the global economy through paid and unpaid labour. Their work is often poorly paid, invisible and precarious due to

Refugee crisis 2015-2016: Standing by the side of the displaced

The year 2015 was tainted by the biggest refugee crisis faced by humanity after World War II. To date, 1,362,807 refugees and immigrants have crossed the Aegean Sea in dinghies in an attempt to get to

Shifting Power: Learning from women's experiences and approaches to reducing inequality

Inequality is widespread and deepening, with the impact falling heavily on poor women who face a range of different intersecting challenges. Solutions are hotly debated by powerful decision makers in

Separated: The challenges of relocation and family reunification for refugees arriving in Greece

Around 50,000 people who have fled conflict and hardship now find themselves stranded in Greece. They are living in a legal limbo that is exacerbating the stress and suffering many are already

Climate Change Knows No Borders

An analysis of climate-induced migration, protection gaps and the need for solidarity in South Asia

Joint CSO Recommendations on the European External Investment Plan

CSOs concerns regarding the EU External Investment Plan and recommendations to ensure a pro-poor instrument

Making Tax Work for Women's Rights

The fulfilment of women's rights is closely linked to how tax is raised and spent. While there is great potential for tax to bring about positive changes in women's lives, the way that tax policies

Freedom to Move

Millions of people use public transport - the lifeblood of cities and the most efficient way to move people - every day. But by failing to cater for the specific needs of women and girls, transport

Global Goal on Adaptation: From concept to practice

The climate crisis we face today is a result of historical greenhouse gas emissions primarily from developed countries and already posing an unjust burden on developing countries.The Paris Agreement