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Climate Change Knows No Borders

An analysis of climate-induced migration, protection gaps and the need for solidarity in South Asia

Joint CSO Recommendations on the European External Investment Plan

CSOs concerns regarding the EU External Investment Plan and recommendations to ensure a pro-poor instrument

Making Tax Work for Women's Rights

The fulfilment of women's rights is closely linked to how tax is raised and spent. While there is great potential for tax to bring about positive changes in women's lives, the way that tax policies

Freedom to Move

Millions of people use public transport - the lifeblood of cities and the most efficient way to move people - every day. But by failing to cater for the specific needs of women and girls, transport

Global Goal on Adaptation: From concept to practice

The climate crisis we face today is a result of historical greenhouse gas emissions primarily from developed countries and already posing an unjust burden on developing countries.The Paris Agreement

Financing Matters

This toolkit aims to support civil society organisations and education activists across low- and middle-income countries to advocate and campaign on issues related to financing for education, as a

Hotter Planet, Humanitarian Crisis

The world is currently enduring an unprecedented combination of climate-related crises. We are living through what will almost certainly be the hottest year on record, and have faced one of the

The Learning Generation: Domestic Tax and Education

Globally there are some fundamental challenges in education –with 121 million primary or lower secondary age children out of school (EFAGMR 2015) and 250 million children who are in school but not

Malawi’s tax treaties: from independence to 2015

What’s a tax treaty?A tax treaty is an agreement between two countries to divide up and limit each country’s’ taxing rights. Among other things, tax treaties regulate when a country can or can’t tax

Resilience handbook

The Resilience Handbook aims to help us think, plan and implement our work in a way that helps to reduce people’s vulnerability and to build their resilience to a range of hazards, shocks, stresses