We don’t dictate solutions. We work with communities over time, using our resources, skills, knowledge and contacts to strengthen their own efforts to end poverty. Watch a video and download our latest strategy to find out more. If that sounds like the kind of thing you would like to be involved in, please read on.

File 16324Following identification of key HR and management areas to improve on, the ActionAid International Secretariat and its 26 associates and affiliates worldwide have been awarded the first People In Aid Quality Mark; Committed to the People In Aid Code of Good Practice.

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    Are you ActionAid Zimbabwe Accountability Advisor?


    ActionAid Zimbabwe (AAZ) seeks a highly qualified and experienced professional in Accountability to advance the political influence of people living in poverty, hold governments and corporates accountable and promote solutions for long-term empowerment of the poor and excluded people and the most vulnerable in Zimbabwe. ActionAid is a global movement of people working in 43 countries to further human rights for all and defeat poverty.  In Zimbabwe, ActionAid Zimbabwe has a wide spread geographical coverage with presence in over 12 districts.  ActionAid uses the Human rights Based approach emphasising building civic competence to challenge injustices, empower youth to practice their roles and responsibilities and be able to demand for fulfilment of their human rights.