Young women and men may be some of the most invisible and excluded groups - not only within their own families and communities, but also within national and international development. The concerns of older adolescents and young adults - partcularly around health, education and jobs - have not received sufficient global attention.

People in their twenties are entitled to the same human rights as any other adults. Working with young partners in development means that we are creating the opportunities, developing the capacities and supporting young women and men to be able to fight for their own rights, but also the rights of others in their villages, towns and cities.

I started to feel I'm part of the society... I started to feel that I have to participate in making decisions in the issues that belong to me as a young man.

Anas Abu Ghneem, Youth Civic Engagement Project, Jordan

We are committed to working with young people. In doing so, we will:

  • Mobilise youth to take sustained action;
  • Work with poor, marginalised and excluded groups of young people - in all their diversity;
  • Collaborate with a global youth movement of school and university students, acting in solidarity;
  • Look closely at the livelihoods options among out-of-school youth, and people making the transition from school to work;
  • Open up spaces for youth in decision-making structures - including our own.

We believe that the root cause of poverty is an unjust distribution of economic, political or social power resulting in oppressive structures at local, national and international levels. To overcome unjust power structures, communities need alliances, support and solidarity of broader citizens' groups. This is no different for young people. Youth development solutions should not follow a separate logic or lower standards, nor pay any less attention to human rights.

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  • Transitions to adulthood are being prolonged or blocked. Especially in times of mass unemployment, and where marriage or home-ownership is out of reach, youth is experienced as a kind of “wait-hood”.
  • We work with youth across our four key areas: Education, Democratic Governance, Resilient Livelihoods and Women's Rights.

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