Violence against women

Women’s fear of violence is an attack on their basic rights and prevents them from living full and equal lives.

Women and girls around the world face widespread violence, sexual harassment and abuse in many of the spaces that they populate – their homes, workplaces, on the streets and on public transport. 

Our focus is on empowering women to challenge these barriers, to break the cycle of poverty and violence. We are therefore working with women and girls to identify the changes they want to see in their homes, communities and schools - such as challenging early and forced marriage and female genital mutilation, as well as rejecting all forms of violence.

At the core of our Safe Cities movement, for example, is the belief that violence, and fear of violence, restricts women’s and girl’s access to their cities – including opportunities for employment, health, education, political and recreational facilities.

Our Safe Cities programmes across the world aim to ensure women can live a violence-free life by supporting women and girls to claim their rights to the city and enjoy everything it has to offer. These programmes, alongside our Safe Cities Campaign, also target the societal factors that create gender inequality through promotion of the empowerment of women and girls to make changes within their communities. 

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