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ActionAid Global Information Policy

  • ActionAid International believes that timely free flow of information in accessible language, form and format is essential for ensuring accountability, learning, trust and good performance.
  • This policy is guided by ActionAid International’s commitment to transparency and to sharing of information primarily with poor and marginalised people and their organisations. We are also directly accountable to our staff, partners, donors and host governments.
  • The purpose of this policy is to guide all staff and the whole organisation for open sharing of information. Another purpose is to inform people outside ActionAid International what they can expect or demand, in terms of information, from ActionAid International.
  • This policy describes how and what minimum information ActionAid International will share proactively with the general public.
  • ActionAid International will share additional information with staff, partners, associates, people and organisation we work with in a timely and accessible manner to ensure respect and accountability to the specific relationship. This additional sharing of information will be guided by the relevant policies, procedures (and agreements or contracts) related to the specific relationship.