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Right now, the women we work with all over the world are stepping up their fight to stop violence against women. We’re running 16 actions across the country to mark the global 16 Days of...
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Terms of Reference (ToR) for Mid Term Programme Review (MTR) of LRP 39, LRP 42 and LRP 43

ActionAid Bangladesh and Its Working Approach

ActionAid Bangladesh (AAB), an affiliate member of ActionAid Federation, has been working in Bangladesh for three decades in solidarity with the poor and excluded people to end poverty and injustice. AAB’s aims at facilitating people challenging poverty and exclusion through human, practical, politically intelligent and open strategy underpinned by its human rights based approach (HRBA). AAB believes in a theory of change that requires purposeful individual and collective action, led by the people living in poverty and supported by solidarity, credible rights based alternatives and campaigns that address the structural causes and consequences of poverty. AAB mobilizes and empowers the poor and excluded to enable their collective analysis, identity, movements and actions. In solidarity with citizens, partners and supporters, AAB fosters partnerships and networks for strengthening support, voice and actions to campaign and advocate with the state and non-state actors and institutions for influencing their policies and practices that safeguard the rights of the poor and excluded people.

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Terms of Reference (ToR) for Evaluation Study of LRP 35

ActionAid Bangladesh invites applications for a Consultant to evaluate a Local Rights Programme (LRP) 35 “Community Development and Monga Mitigation for the Poor through Upgrading Social Capital (CAMPUS)”. This programme started in 2007 and will be phased out in 2017. The final evaluation will focus to examine effectiveness and efficiency of the programme design and implementation process of LRP-35; and to assess the results of the programme in the lives of women, girls and person with disability.

In the village of As Samou’ in the South Hebron Hills, a group of inspirational women are on a journey to self-reliance and empowerment.
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This Terms of Reference (ToR) for developing orientation Guideline for activating Union Parishad Standing Committee on Health, Education and Family Welfare regarding their functions, composition and expected role in MMWW project.

It was a moment of truth that reverberated around the world, forcing fashion consumers to take a long hard look in the mirror – for a moment. Just before 9am, on a Wednesday morning in the...
Our wonderful Donor Development Coordinator Hannah visited women producers from the MBoutik program in Myanmar, a social enterprise supported by ActionAid Myanmar. We had the pleasure of sitting...
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Call for Applications

ActionAid Bangladesh and Economic Reporters Forum is jointly calling for applications from passionate journalists for the ‘ActionAid-ERF Media Fellowship 2017’ whose goal is to initiate and support investigative journalism on Bangladesh’s national fiscal and tax policy. Six applications will be selected for this fellowship.

Moe Moe is an early riser. As the head of a woman-only household, the responsibility of supporting her mother and grandmother rests firmly on her shoulders. She wakes up every day at 6am to collect...
For the 519,000 Rohingya people who fled the outbreak of violence in Myanmar since 25th August, the journey to Bangladesh was a matter of life and death. ActionAid Bangladesh is on the ground...