World not ready to offer hope to people facing climate impacts

ActionAid's statement on the last day of COP23 climate negotiations

ActionAid expresses disappointment on the last day of COP23 climate negotiations. The organisation’s lead on climate change, Harjeet Singh, says:

“We expected much more leadership from countries who pulled together when the US declared they were leaving the Paris Agreement. With this year’s floods, fires and hurricanes fresh in their minds, we had assumed that they would come keen to get the job done. “But once the talks started, the EU, Canada and Australia slunk back to their comfort zones, siding with the US, instead of driving real change. They continued to put the brakes on climate action and resisted financial measures for countries struggling to cope with climate impacts.

“Countries’ pledges currently put the world on track for 3° Celsius warming, which would be catastrophic for everyone. The Talanoa Dialogue, concluding in Poland next year, will be an important moment to create pressure and momentum for countries to step up and give the planet a chance to stay under 1.5°C - the stated goal of the Paris Agreement. This dialogue must provide a clear path for strengthening country pledges, consistent with the 1.5° goal and principles of international equity and fairness.

“Here in Bonn, there were some useful procedural wins in the areas of pre-2020 action, agriculture, Indigenous Peoples and gender. And with the talks presided over by Fiji, a small island state, the challenges faced by climate-impacted countries took centre stage. “But even though vulnerable communities were in the spotlight, this still hasn’t translated into the support that they need. “It seems that the world is not yet ready to offer hope to people facing the impacts of climate change.”  

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