Statement by ActionAid Zimbabwe following the inauguration of President Mnangagwa

Following the inaugural address by President Emmerson Mnangagwa, ActionAid Zimbabwe (AAZ) Country Director Toendepi Kamusewu said:

"President Mnangagwa has promised to make Zimbabwe a nation that once again truly belongs to all its people. His speech committed to many of the right steps, including rebuilding dilapidated public services, rooting out corruption, holding civil servants accountable to citizens, and moving forward quickly with free and fair elections. But the test will be how he builds the political will to deliver on the commitments.

"The top-down, centralised methods of the previous government ended in disaster. In order to succeed, President Mnangagwa needs to forge a truly inclusive and democratic approach, starting from a meaningful Peace and Reconciliation process to heal old wounds, and giving space for partnership with civil society."

Editors' notes


Toendepi Kamusewu, interim Country Director at ActionAid Zimbabwe, will be available for media interviews.

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