Developed countries have failed Fiji and the world's vulnerable people, says ActionAid

Today at COP23 the subsidiary bodies working on the issue of loss and damage adopted a draft text for ministerial approval. 

Harjeet Singh, global lead on climate change for ActionAid International says:
“Developing countries expected this climate summit, which this year is under the the presidency of Fiji, to be remembered for making a robust process that will help those who are battered by devastating hurricanes and rising sea levels.
”They wanted the issue of Loss and Damage to remain on the agenda of all future climate talks, so that meaningful progress can be achieved.
“Instead, developed countries led by the US have only offered a one-off consultation to discuss finance, which will not take us far in ensuring that people get help once they are affected.
”EU, Canada and Australia have been hiding behind the US. They have failed Fiji and failed the world’s climate-vulnerable people.“ 
Editors' notes

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