ActionAid's reaction to the resignation of Zimbabwe's President Mugabe

As the Zimbabwean government works to address ongoing changes in the country, ActionAid hopes that the transition will remain peaceful and that the new leadership will turn its attention to the needs and rights of the most vulnerable people in the country, who have been neglected for far too long.

ActionAid and other members of civil society must seize this opportunity to advocate for policy changes to advance social justice, poverty eradication and gender equality in Zimbabwe, including through:

  • a commitment to a peaceful and democratic transition of power
  • a pledge to eradicate corruption at all levels of society and the economy
  • advancement of inclusive democratic systems which allow citizens to actively participate and engage in decision-making
  • carrying out a structural overhaul of the economy and creating meaningful opportunities for employment, especially for young people and women
  • restoration of public services through efficient, transparent and accountable mechanisms

ActionAid and its partners will pursue these policy changes as the democratic transition takes place.